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Lenten Lessons and Prayers:
A Musical Journey with Christ

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From Row left to right: Paula Moore, Laurie Busch, Kathy Berns
Middle Row: Laurie Thome, Patty McClain, Joanne Roche, Nichole Knepper, Carmen Lappe, and Jody Schares
Back Row: Jack Eherenman, Jim Fineran, Doug Moore, Mitchell Stover, Mike Blad, Will Evans, and Dave Berns


Lenten Lessons and Prayers:
A Musical Journey with Christ

“Lenten Lessons and Prayers—A Musical Journey with Christ” is a presentation of inspirational music and scripture which depicts the life of Jesus with an emphasis on his passion and death.

The 85 minute program was compiled by David Berns, a music minister at St. Edward Parish. “A Musical Journey with Christ” premiered in 2010 and is now in its 6th season. While the “story” remains the essentially the same as when it premiered, new musical selections are added each year to give a refreshing new feel to the story.

Lenten Lessons and Prayers—A Musical Journey with Christ is performed by Agnus Dei Ministry, a group of area musicians from Blessed Sacrament, Queen of Peace, Sacred Heart and St. Edward parishes in Waterloo, St. Patrick and St. Stephen the Witness in Cedar Falls, and Immaculate Conception Parish in Gilbertville. It consists of various musical styles and composers, all chosen to present the events of 2000 years ago in a dramatic and memorable way and to bring listeners to a deeper appreciation of Christ’s love expressed in his life, passion and death.

The presentations are free and open to the public. It is the goal of Agnus Dei Ministry that all who hear this story will experience spiritual renewal and be inspired to renew their commitment to love and serve others.

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2015 Schedule of Performances
Click here for the current schedule of performances.

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About “A Musical Journey With Christ”

Comments from David Berns, director of Lenten Lessons and Prayers:

"This 80-minute program will also be a time of praise and prayer. The first part of our program sets the stage and gives a summary of the events of Christ’s life leading up to the Last Supper. The second part of our program is the story of the passion. The third part is a time of prayer through music where we are asking for guidance and nourishment on our spiritual journey."

"I have always been drawn to music that touches the soul and brings a person closer to Christ. In putting together this presentation I picked music that is very powerful and spiritually moving. The music and the artists that composed these pieces have been an inspiration to me.  All of the music in this program is very reflective and spiritually uplifting."

"I see the musicians in this group as an instrument that can lead others to praise God. We have a very talented group of musicians who have worked hard and are very willing to share their talent and faith with others.  I think the message of Christ’s love will be communicated not only through the music but in the narration, choreography, and the reverent manner in which it is delivered."

"I think anyone who comes to this program with an open heart and mind will leave feeling very energized and spiritually renewed.  I also hope that “Musical Journey” will bring people from the different parishes and community together. We may be many but we are also one."

Find out more about A Musical Journey with Christ  here.

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Members of Agnus Dei Ministry

St. Edward Parish, Waterloo
Dave Berns, Kathy Berns, Carmen Lappe, Jeff Lappe
Queen of Peace Parish, Waterloo
Mike Blad, Janet Blad
Blessed Sacrament Parish, Waterloo
Jack Eherenman, Will Evans, Jim Fineran, Doug Moore, Paula Moore
Sacred Heart Parish, Waterloo
Joanne Roche, Dave Roche, Patty McClain
St. Patrick Parish, Cedar Falls
Laurie Busch
St. Stephen the Witness Catholic Student Center UNI
Jody Schares
Immaculate Conception Parish, Gilbertville
Nichole Knepper,  Mitchell Stover, Laurie Thome

Agnus Dei Alumni
Adrian Amjadi, St. Patrick; Andrea Berns, St. Edward; Mariel Contreras, Queen of Peace; Nathaniel Gee, St. Edward; Hannah Howland, St. Patrick; Ben Huber, St. Stephen; Jim Koch, St. Edward; Mike Marlow, St. Edward; Jeanne Marlow, St. Edward; Emily Nelson, St. Edward; Jim O'Connor, St. Edward; Chris Olds; St. Edward; Kathryn Pranger, St. Edward; Kathy Rath, St. Edward; Sue Reiter, Immaculate Conception; Alex Shockley, St. Patrick; Doug Staudt, St. Patrick.

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For more information contact:
David Berns, Agnus Dei Ministry
Phone: 319-234-8449 
or 319-290-0064

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